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Twits from the week of 2009-05-10

  • @wilw According to urbandictionary.com, women have both, (most) men have neither #
  • @Kirsten_Dunst When replying to people, I believe proper etiquette is to put the @username at the front of the tweet. Hope that helps. #
  • #QUOTE @simland: “I do not tweet as the kids say” @jjdb210: “You Twit!” (going for the double meaning, 2 Points) #
  • RT @narmical: If the new Star Trek is good enough for Wesley Crusher its good enough for you! RT: @wilw: http://tinyurl.com/c4llra #
  • @wilw I’m curious what you thought about the fan made movie, the Hunt For Gollum: http://bit.ly/XbzH2 #
  • @CyndiWilliams GOODIES: LOVE 34; Like: 38,53; BADDIES: To Much like SEOBOOK: 40, 39, 37; To Weird: 48, 55, 51, 41 #
  • @ambergehring: RT @guykawasaki: Man finds snake head in TGIF meal. Holy kaw! http://adjix.com/cnz4 #
  • @CyndiWilliams Whats the crowd favorite? #