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Star Trek: Justins 2 Cents (Spoiler Alert)

Do not read this post if you haven’t seen the movie, and are planning on going.

Let me first say, as a pretty solid Trek fan, that I loved this movie. I loved it so much, that I spent half this morning simply thinking about it. Thinking about what it meant. What it could mean. By 2:00pm today, I declared it my official favorite Trek film. Replacing out Wrath of Kahn and Generations. This is the first Trek film that I feel I could probalby watch again, and again, and again… Just because of how “right” it felt.

But here’s what you need to know, and what has had me thinking all day.

The movie starts immediantly by creating a new timeline. JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci did a great job finding a way to create a “new” sequence of events, without destroying the old lore. It could haven’t been more perfect. In fact, if they wanted, they could now try to find a way to redo everything… It would be tough… but quite possible.

For example… Let’s talk about the destruction of vulcan. Vulcan plays a key role throughout the timeline that the original spock had come through. It was one of the key planets in the federation, and comes into play countless times during the war with the dominion, as well as various other fights with the romulans, etc. Without the planet though, and only “a handful” of Vulcans left after the destruction of the planet, it’s hard to believe that events could “catch up” within 100 years.

The door was left open for that to be the case… In fact, to a large degree, you could say a good portion of the timeline that comes after this movie, could and still can happen. Sure, there are a few episode of TNG that don’t make sense involving Spock’s mother.

The other interesting note is when the timeline split actually happened. It didn’t occur when Kirk was in the academy, but rather, at the moment of his conception. This means he grew up without a father figure… And perhaps, some might argue he did in either timeline, as his father was in Starfleet as well.  So perhaps he isn’t all that different.

In any case, the movie has me dreaming about what the future for them could hold… More than Star Trek has ever done for me before… There wasn’t even a real cliff hanger ending… It simply got me thinking that I know how amazing the original future was… But man, this future looks like it could be so much cooler.

I also have a project in lift I would like to put together… A full timeline of events. It’s funny. The show has played with time on more than one ocassion. And when we’re done with it, we always end up stuck in the timeline that whoever traveled through time left us with. It’s a very curious thing… but it’s someting that has allowed them to time travel again and again, and keep “the canon” of it all new and fresh.

In any case, if you haven’t seen a Trek movie before, simply cause you “don’t like Star Trek”, then go see this movie. This is not your parents Star Trek. This is Trek from the beginning… And don’t worry about all the nerds laughing at things that don’t seem that funny… There are a lot of “inside jokes” that carried into the movie, that Abrams managed to work in… Everything from Red shirts dying, to the simulation in which Kirk cheats (About damn time someone put that into a movie).

So yeah, enough ramblings for now. Enjoy mothers day!

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