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Can’t Find Hosts File? Here’s how in Windows Vista 64-bit.

Spent about 10 minutes this morning trying to find my hosts file, only to find the folders I’m used to seeing weren’t there (%systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc). I figured I would repost the solution on my blog that I found on the net:

1. Goto My Computer
2. Open c:\windows
3. Create a folder called “sysnative” (this must be done from explorer, NOT from within a program)
4. Open the program you wish to open the hosts file with (notepad, notepad++, etc)
5. File ->open, and browse to c:\windows\sysnative… At this point it should look familiar
6. If not though, keep browsing to drivers -> etc and open the hosts file.

Pretty slick… Not sure why you have to create the folder in the first place though. From there editting your host file shouldn’t be a problem (just dont mess it up, k?)

Special Thanks to Monochrome Blog