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Twits from the week of 2009-05-24

  • I rarely promote other peoples lists, but man: 54 MUST HAVE resources for new business owners: http://bit.ly/122u6N #
  • If you could get 1 days worth of work out of @ann_sieg ‘s webmaster, what would you have him build you/teach you/help you with? #
  • Maybe I’ll tweet today… So far, as of 9:35AM, 1 can of pop, met with a comcast rep about a modem, and reconfigured a firewall… Not bad #
  • 10:06AM – deadendartist.com moved to new server, 3 emails, 1 blog post, and bookmarked: http://www.free-ocr.com/ #
  • 11:10 AM – Was on such a good roll… then the wife woke up… haha #
  • @nikkilyman What are you doing today? Home yet? in reply to nikkilyman #
  • 11:45 AM: 33 domains renewed at godaddy.com, Finished Products Page: http://bit.ly/uPuhX , Moved cosplaystyle.com #
  • 12:26PM – 2 More Sites Moved… Tummy growling… Time to figure out food, and maybe have my second pop for the day #
  • RT @Ann_Sieg: RBMP interns please watch RPRO tutorial Choosing Your Niche prior to Session Four next Tuesday. Go over the PDF too #RBMP #
  • 3:00pm 1 More site moved, Started cleaning the house a little, Fixed dryer vent… Now dealing with photos… #
  • @BlaineCGlynn Even with the best mentors, the best writers are the ones who weave the story, and take way to much time to do it 🙂 in reply to BlaineCGlynn #
  • 4:33PM Photos finished uploading from @ambergehring and @nikkilyman Graduation. You can see them here: http://bit.ly/5ZkVA #
  • 7:50PM – I’ve had dinner, wife is out with friends… And my computer is frustrating me… Stupid no 64bit Vista cisco VPN support! #
  • 11:15PM, trial software working->bought full version->internet stops working because of software…->Repair Repair Repair! (Back up now) #
  • @Ann_Sieg I rebooted… 17 times to be exact + 1 system restore + re-installing software. Seems BETA software works better than release 4 me in reply to Ann_Sieg #
  • 12:47 AM – I think it’s time for bed.. the computer killed my productivity this evening… #
  • To twit the day again, or not to twit the day… that is the question… Maybe without timestamps this time. #
  • It’s to nice a day to be on my PC…. and yet. #