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Memorial Day: Remembering those who serve us

Today is a day set aside for remembering soldiers and the ones who serve us. Interestingly enough, primarily to remember the carnage that the civil war brought to this nation. Let me first say, I am greatful for all the work done by our service men and women. I really have no idea how many times something they have done has protected my security here in Minnesota, but I’m sure they have.

Today though feels like a good day to recognize those who have served me in general:

  • To my wife – Who puts up with my random crazyness, who makes me dinner and helps around the house, to the one who challenges me in ways I am rarely challenged, and who loves me enough to give Star Trek a go :-).
  • To my friends and family – Your help through our first year of marriage has been wonderful. I thank you all for reasons to get out of the house from time to time, even if I don’t take them.
  • To my mentors – Most of the people I consider mentors in my life are no longer filling that role, but to you I am greatful for the skills that  I use everyday.
  • To everyone that has helped me this year – Thank you!  Every second of my life counts (as does yours), and helping me save seconds (or more), even at the expense at your own, is one of the most great gifts a person can give.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Time to go watch some Nascar.