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Bigger Than a Nuclear Bomb

The need for the biggest weapon these days amuses me.

There are articles all over the web today (and for like the past few years) that are concerned about North Korea (or whoever) getting Nuclear weapons. Something that the people who have them believe should not be allowed. It’s a very strange process, and yet, the concern is always “we’re worried that they wont be protected well enough to keep them out of the bad guys hands”.

The fact of the matter is, it probably doesn’t matter… If someone is going to steal a nuke and use it, they’ll find a way. Heck, I heard a high school student talking about building one a few years ago… “All it would take” is a trip to North Dakota to get some Uranium. It’s scary, but these things aren’t all that difficult to produce.

And the part that nobody talks about is that everyone is still building bigger bombs. The Tsar Bomb, Neutron bombs, Hydrogen bombs (all nuclear bombs by nature), and probably bombs that dont have names. I figure someone has a bomb capable of destroying half (or all of) the planet, they just haven’t told anyone yet. (Maybe that Hadron Collider is capable, and no one has mentioned it).

But here’s what I know: No matter who has them, or who decides to use them, God is bigger.

How’s that for a completely random post?