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Dull Drums

Well, I wake up, go to bed, wake up, go to bed, wake up, go to bed. It was a very eventful sleep session this morning. My dad kindly cleaned up the bar before I woke up this morning, that helped me out greatly such that I didn’t need to do that, and I just needed to vaccuum.

I can’t really do anything with anyone till later today. Nikki is working a double shift, Beth is with Rob, PK and I are dead tired, and Sim is up north. I hope sim gets back in time, otherwise I might have to beg someone. I should probably call him about those tickets and what they exactly say on them :-).

Well I think I am going to start my day of relaxing, or shopping, or relaxing… Whichever I feel like doing. Hey my current favorite food is being made here, MEAT TIME!

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