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Death, Love, and the Internet

The impact we have on people can, and does, go far past the day we die.

It’s truly amazing to see all the people who love people gather when someone dies. People talk about their memories for years and years. They share what they learned from that person. They share the love of that person. They share that they loved that person.

Often times though, those stories fade with time. People forget, or block it out, or just don’t dare to ask. But the internet is changing all of that, in an amazingly cool way.

For example: As many of you may or may not know, one of WLC’s former pastor’s daughters died on 6/3 in a car accident. She wasn’t driving, and was the only one who died (at time of writing). She was a believer, and is now surely with her heavenly father.

Now the truth of the matter is: I barely knew her. I vaguely remember her from the Arizona Mission Trip, where our church went down to Arizona to help Pastor Todd start his church. But randomly today, I’ve been trying to locate her and her dad (the pastor) to learn more (not entirely sure why). The cool part is, everything I found will be documented by the internet probably for centuries. That includes all the massive communication showing love that happened today, including (but I’m sure not limited to):

  • A Facebook group started by her classmates honoring her
  • Multiple twitter and facebook messages, by people who knew her, her dad’s old churches, etc.
  • Youtube videos of her doing ballet (she loved ballet)
  • The article(s) about her tragic car accident.
  • Photos of her at all ages, everything from her school recognizing some of her achievements, to the WLC Youth site Arizona mission trip (some wacky faces there).
  • Messages and emails on websites about prayer services for her and her family

It’s also amazing how it’s causing old friends to reconnect and find each other… Again, using the net, I’ve seen people looking for phone numbers, addresses, etc… All to show they care.

The internet is at providing ways of sharing, remembering, and connecting, in love, over one another. One of it’s greatest achievements if you ask me.

Now if only we used it more for documenting love.

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  • Jesus lvr June 6, 2009, 5:53 pm

    God works in mysterious ways. We may never know why He chose to take Makenzie to be with Him so early, but we can be sure that it fulfills His good and perfect will. May God give peace and solace to the Stocker family, as well as the driver and other passenger.

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