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A Walk to Remember

So I went and did stuff with Nikki and PK tonight after Nikki got off work. It was fun. We walked around the park, talked about life, and just enjoyed each other’s company. I have the best friends around. I am sure you do too. I am sure most of us have great friends. Friends are good, friends are great.

We shot some pool, talked some more, shot some pool, talked some more. I don’t think they realize how much it actually does mean to me that they are willing to talk around me. I also don’t think I realize how much I really do suck at pool.

PK then left his DDR pads here. This could be very very bad. I have a feeling that I will hook them up and then you can say bye bye to Justin’s ability to move as he works his muscles till they refuse to hold him up.

I also talked to Alex tonight. He said something that has me somewhat perplexed. He said the talks with me were refreshing. That they had a different point of view than most highschoolers. I spent a good portion of my time on this subject. What makes me special? Am I special? Am I allowed to even feel special?

It’s times like these when I sit outside and get bitten by bugs. I sit and thoughts run through my head. Society wants us all to be special, but then claims that we are all equals. This is possible, but you can’t say we are all equals in the same thing. You instead have to say that you can compare apples to oranges and sum them for some kind of weird total of fruit.

It works but in terms of programming, no two humans are exclusively equal. We might all be coming from the same resources, but non of us are the same data.

Ok, enough with the computer metaphors. I just want to sit and talk.

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