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Fortuno Velut Luna, but you can call me Fort

This weekend, I had the wonderful experience of playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time with a “somewhat legit” group. Richard was our DM, and I was group with some new friends, JJ, Chops, and Greg, or as they will now be known:  Vires, Falcor (defender of the Alliance), and Deckard Cain.

Below is my characters journal entry for session 1:


Left a wooden tavern in route for Winterhaven with companions I met at the bar. We are researching a wanted ad we saw in the tavern.

Ran into a bunch of kobolds on the way Winterhaven.  Party did a good job slaying them… Falcor appears to be trouble, but a decent warrior. No gold was found on the bodies, but I was sure I saw a glimmer of it while we were fighting…

Upon arriving in Winterhaven, met with the Lord of the land. He informed us of the problem with the kobolds, and the companions I have been traveling with and myself decided that for the 75G reward, we would attempt to determine what was going on. Falcor made a little bit of a scene, as did Vires, but nothing major… They seem to be bonding rather nicely… I think Deckard and myself found it a little untasteful though, especially in front of the Lord of the land.

The next morning, our group set out investigate further. We traveled to the Kobolds, which took most of the day. Once we got close, we just about found ourselves ambushed, and Falcor’s hangover from the night before almost got us in a bit of trouble… But thanks to Falcor’s Dagger, and some smart maneuvers by the part, we were able to annilate the first wave of attackers, thou we still don’t know what is riling them up. The entire party seemst to be agile fighters, although I fear that we may be in trouble should we not make friends with a healer.

We decided to stop at the entrace to the kobolds and make camp, while we decide the best way to approach the cave, and mend our gear from the days battle.


Photos from the event can be found on smugmug: http://jjdb210.smugmug.com/gallery/9062919_ijsaR#603384469_GqQVK

Might post my character sheet a little later… Need to update it after last night…

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