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A Great Sports Week

I feel like I might be going through some sport withdrawl (with which I substitute work with).

Last week was quite simply, a roller coaster of GREAT sporting events for me (more than I can remember happening in a long time). So I feel like documenting the sporting events of the last week, just because I can.

It started a week ago, Saturday when I was bored and decided to turn on the twins to see how the battle was going against the Royals to try to make the playoffs. What I turned on was a pitching dual between cy-young candidate Greinke and Twin’s pitcher, Blackburn. Blackburn actually pitched better in my mind (and more innings too, and on 3 days rest). In any case, the Twins won, which was just great. Sunday rolled around, and I found myself watching the twins play another game to which they insured victory, causing a playoff against the detroit.

Monday rolled around, and we have the Farve vs. The Green Bay Packers matchup. I got to spend the evening over at the Benson’s, where we all had a great time, some great food, some good laughs, and a great football game to watch. The Vikings won, and Farve proved that he was still at the top of his game. With last Sundays win as well, he has taken the Vikings to 5-0 and have people in Minnesota talking Superbowl for the first time in awhile.

Tuesday was the game of all games… Minnesota vs. Detroit, in what had to be one of the best baseball games I’ve seen in my lifetime. From the 8th inning on, each inning was filled with drama, amazing plays to save the day, and to add to it, it was all the hope of Minnesota to go to the playoffs. We won (thankfully), after which it took a few hours of to calm down. Especially after the the Wild won at well (comeback as well). Just an amazing night in sports.

Wednesday was pretty boring sports wise (the lose to the Yankees made it so, as did every loss to the Yankee’s after we made the playoffs).

Thursday though, Nebraska played Missouri, in the rain… And wow, 27 points in the 4th quarter… most of which were scored in the first 3 minutes. Again, quite an amazing game.

I wrote this post in 2 parts, and really lost my interest in the second half of writing it… sorry world. Maybe it was because the games got more boring as the week went on :).

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  • PK October 20, 2009, 4:57 am

    hmm i had to resubscribe the feed to get your most recent updates