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Christmas Cards – Christmas Day 3

The debate as to whether or not we send Christmas Cards this year is on at the Gehring household… We failed to do it last year (twice in fact), even with an amazing set of tools are our finger tips.

I’m a firm believer that Christmas cards should be more than just a photo wishing people happy holidays. It should summarize the year for your family and catch people up to date. It doesn’t have to be a mile long, but just the big things going on in your life. My parents try to do this every year, as do many of their friends… and they always make for interesting reads.

So this year the question remains, are we going to send out Christmas Cards? Here are the options:

1) Use our send out cards account to create a nice greeting card to send to everyone everything, including pictures, etc.
2) Use some photo place, and just send a holiday picture of ourselves (BORING)
3) Use our send out cards account to just send a post card (also somewhat boring).
4) Use our websites to send our season’s greetings (sounds boring)
5) Don’t do it at all.

Who knows what we’ll do… But we got about a month to figure it out!

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