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When you don’t have time…

So I was driving home today, paying attention to all the cars around me. The only one I didn’t notice on my way home from school was the one in front of me. I didn’t notice it, that is, until it turned onto my street. It is very weird for car to be turning on our street now adays because there is a lot of road construction going on. What was even more weird was when this car turned into my driveway. This seemed kinda weird because most of my friends call before coming over. Well I pull into the garage and to my pleasant surpise, here is Ben and Cory, two of my long time friends.

For a few hours we talk about life, music, and cars. I soon get a call from Beth and Nikki saying we want to do something. So I invite them over, at which point Ben and Cory leave to go find their famous musicians as Guitar Center.

Beth and Nikki get here and I find they have invited Richard as well. This is all good and well, what’s a party after all if you don’t know your having it, and you don’t have people. We all then hop in the car and drive to Lee-Ann Chins where we confuse the waiter with our huge order for 8 hungry people. For those of you that I have hard time counting thats: Me, Nikki, Beth, Richard, Amy, Ali, Mom, and Dad. Beth counts that as 9. She is special…

We returned home, ate, watched the first half of Monthy Python and the Holy Grail. I say we only watched half because Beth left somewhere in the middle, and then, about 5 minutes after she left, Ben, Cory, and John all arrived at my house, again…

We shot a little pool, talked a little about balls and sticks, and generally had a good time all around.

After that, because Beth took off because she had work, I drove Nikki home. We had a nice talk as always. During a discussion of service work with church, we somehow unraveled my past about chasing after a girl named Leah and later, how I started chasing Nikki. I am going to start saying that chasing is a very very poor word. I don’t like the idea that they are running from us, or that we are trying to run towards them. I also dont think the words: following, hoping, loving, liking, infautating or any other noun seems to describe the action of trying to get a girl to like you. Maybe its flaunting yourself. Maybe I need to make a word. Here it is: Lirrak. To be all official about it, here is my entry for submission to dictionary.com:
Lirrak (v)
Lir-ake Lirraking, Lirraked, Lirraks
To attempt to make a woman attracted to you through useless and almost utterly pointless means.

Think this will become the biggest thing since JNH?

So now that we have a word, I am not sure I am lirraking anyone right now. I was lirraking Nikki for some time, but I think both she and I would rather be friends. Maybe I am still lirraking her only because I have no one else around me that I want to lirrak. Well I will let that be what it is, even though I may have just created havok because I know your reading this RIGHT NOW Nikki. hehe…

I have a lot of work tommorow. Got to 2 read, got to code, got to return the DDR pads :-(. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Today was fun while it lasted. Sorry about the ONE post for today.

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