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Less Is More or is it? – Christmas Day 12

As many of you probably know, Amber and I gave up cable TV a few months ago. Reasons included that we wanted to save money and watch less TV, and if you’ve looked at your Cable TV bill lately, your probably seeing close to $100.00 being lost on the TV portion of your bill. Kind of sad when you realize most of it can be watched online for free thanks to Hulu and the various network tv websites…. But I digress.

The one thing I find I am missing is at this point in the Christmas sequence is the pure joy you get from Christmas. I think part of it might be that I’m still working every day, I’m still not spending massive amounts of time with family… All in all, the Christmas activities haven’t really started at all…. And what I’m finding is this: It’s really hard to get and stay in the christmas spirit without my annual christmas TV movies that are found on the Hallmark and Family Channels (both cable).

However, I’m wondering if that’s going to make the times I’m in the “Christmas Spirit” that much more important, or if it simply means I need to find another source for poor quality christmas TV movies… (I’m sure their out there…)

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  • Mom November 14, 2009, 4:33 am

    Buying your 1st Christmas present that you are excited about giving, then wrapping it up and looking at it and thinking of the joy that you are going to give really helps. Perhaps you need to start giving now. It doesn't have to cost anything (maybe a little sweat-equity) and then you watch for the JOY. You and Amber need to come over and help decorate and bake cookies when Amy gets home – then we can do your home too! What Christmas cookies should be make 1st?

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