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Christmas Day 29 – The End of The Turkey

The 4 days known as “Thanksgiving Day” weekend have come and gone, and I’ve found I’ve caught up on quite a few things in my life. To start with, and most importantly, I connected with all my family members.

First there was Thanksgiving with Amber’s family on Thursday afternoon. Great Turkey, Great Potatoes, and a great time playing pool. Afterward, Amber and I went and visited my family, saw my sister and cousin Ali, just “hung around.”

Friday, I spent most of the day at home, catching up on some work, and starting the “Clean house project”. Amber spent most of the day shopping, and actually got a good amount of our Christmas shopping done, which is great. Also got to watch Nebraska beat Colorado. If Nebraska can beat Texas for the Big 12 Title, the college football world might riot.

Saturday was Thanksgiving with my family. Amber worked most of the morning, allowing me to continue cleaning some of the house. Also gave me yet another chance to catch up on work. Dinner was great, shot pool with my dad for about 2 hours, while Amber and my mom watch a movie (my sister and cousin ditched us after dinner to go hang with friends… lame!)

Sunday started with serving at sound board in Genesis. All in all, a great service. No major problems. Got done with that and came home and really went to town on the cleaning. Managed to get all the major rooms done, the tree up, etc. So much so, that we actually invited Amber’s parents over for dinner, cards, spaghetti. For the 3rd time in 4 days, I ate way to much. And now, I find myself working again… just catching up on emails… trying not to be buried come tomorrow (it’s going to happen anyway).

Well goodnight world. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I look forward to the next month of preparing our hearts with a love that can only be described as “amazing.”

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