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DnD til the break of Dawn

It has been awhile since I’ve posted here… Life has gotten busy. Richard is getting married in 3 weeks. Work is well… Work, and Amber is still the amazingly wonderful wife she has been now for the last year and a half.

For the last few months though, on a weekly basis, Richard, myself, and a few other guys (who I now consider friends), get together to play a game known as Dungeons and Dragons. The game is a Role-Playing game based around rolling dice, fighting monsters, and all around making up a story as you go. Richard DMed handled the first 3 “levels” of our adventuring, in fact, I made a post about it quite awhile ago when all this started. Basically, the DM (dungeon master) is in charge of the story and overall flow of the adventure for the PCs (player characters). However, since Level 4, I’ve basically taken over and have the players adventuring a new area. It’s a rather fun and enjoyable experience.

Our lives are all getting busier though, and so it’s getting hard to squeeze out a time when we can all be in the room at the same time for a few hours of gameplay. Tonight was no exception, but it was the only time we could make it work… But we had to “remote” 2 players. It was quite the setup… Basically, 2 of the 6 of us were playing via Skype. We also setup a 3 camera that was designed to film from above and provided the map view to the other two players, this angel was recorded as the night went on.

All in all, it was a pretty successful setup:

JJ, Matt, and Fuches at DND

I’ve also taken the time and turned our 5+ hour adventure into a 7 minute timelapsed video… Hope someone enjoys it :-). (Not bad for 4:00am, right?) (Ugh… Saturday is going to suck…)