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Life is filled with milestones.

In just 5 days, Richard will hit a milestone in his life, which I’m pretty sure will also mark a milestone in mine. He will be getting married to the remarkable Elizabeth Kadlec and together they will live happily ever after. It is sure to be a great weekend. One of joy, laughter, and lots of photos.

I really wanted to take a photo every second throughout the day and do a stop motion thing like I did with DnD… But I can’t figure out how to get an automated camera, on my person, that doesn’t affect Richard and Elizabeth’s photos or my general appearance…

As my random thoughts continue, I thought I would mention that I:

  • Fixed my old RSS feed url so if you were using the older RSS feed url, it should now be working.
  • Made it so images shouldn’t break the column anymore.
  • Removed the archive list… It was getting far to long. The calendar should work well enough (and the search).

Last note: Always double check your taxes! 🙂

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