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Serving Others

Let’s start things off right. I got some papers back today. It was a little upsetting to see a C+ on a paper I put like 8 hours into. I really am beginning to dislike this whole grading system. Either way, I’ll just have to try harder on this next one.

I spent the afternoon at MSA starting to develope their new website. Exciting, especially when I already have a backlog of work to do on everyone else’s site. That’s ok though, it will all get done.

This was also the reason this site was in AIM mode for half the day. I had accidently over-written the index file for this site. I replaced it just a few moments ago so it should all be working again, hopefully… Back to MSA…

The person I was supposed to meet though didn’t show, again ok, thats alright. It allowed me to get off work like an hour early while I went to a park to sit and relax until I had to leave to go to church to serve.

Eagle Point is a fairly nice park. I didn’t know that was it’s name until Nikki informed me over aim on my cell phone, but still its a rather nice park. Just beware of tree sap. It sticks to your butt pretty good once it is there.

Serving with church was the big event of the night. I had never done anything like that before and I must say it made me feel good. I hope to do it again sometime in the future, maybe this time, getting a chance to go out and shoot some hoops with some of the kids. I know I will get schooled, but hey, I might just be able to have an impact on a few of these peoples lives. A positive one at that.

After that, Nikki and I joined up with Sim and we headed for my house to shoot some pool and watch ‘A Walk to Remember’. The movie ranks right up their with Sweet November. Sim’s right though, I should not be allowed to watch movies. It might lead to something. Something drastic. Maybe I’ll ask someone to marry me… No, been there, done that…

I wish I knew where I was going with this site. I wish I knew where my other sites are going. I wish I knew where my relationships are going. I wish I knew where life was going. However, I don’t need to no. Not only do I not need to know, but I would probably find that if I did know, I would realize that yes… Ignorance is bliss.

I have a story to write and post to the site. I don’t know when I will write it. But it will be here soon. That would make for 7 stories I think. Progress…

Well online friends, I feel it must be time for this entry to stop. I think I need to start making more frequent posts again. This would help the graph and mean I am spending more time at my PC. Either way, That’s it for now.