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About the time this post goes live on Friday, I’ll be up on an alter practicing for Richard’s wedding Saturday… It’s hard to describe the relationship I’ve had with Sir Benson for the last 16.5 years, but I think most would describe it as some sort of Bromance. Needless to say, I am insanely excited for his wedding and it’s hard to focus on anything other than it. It’s funny how much men know they need this stuff sometimes… I mean, take a look at this Craig’s List post made this month:

It’s quiet simply a relationship that no woman could come between, and although tomorrow will be a day for me yield to Elizabeth (to be honest, I’m pretty sure I yielded long ago)… it’s not because she came between us, it’s because she made Richard, and thereby me and Richard, better. I love you both, and can’t wait for tomorrow!

I can’t help but finish by posting this video, the proverbial bromance reference:

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