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The Need To Flash Someone

After a weekend of taking photos (actually, its more like after a weekend of being in other people’s photos). I realized that the one thing I don’t have for my camera is a decent flash.

The flash that’s on the camera is “ok” and works fine for those times where your simply trying to put a little light on the scene, but otherwise, it all around sucks.

Problem #1 – The auto-white balance/auto-focus – On my particular model, using the default flash with either auto white balance or auto focus results in a strobe like flash effect that blinds anyone looking at it. It’s one of the most annoying features, and is why 9 times out of 10, I’m shooting manual. That said, an external flash would get rid of that problem by using infrared to lock in on things… much preferred. (Again, I still probably wouldn’t shoot auto, but nice for those times when I would)

Problem #2 – Lense Blackout – Right now, some of my lenses block the light from the flash. Kind of annoying… You can see it in this photo:

Ideally a larger flash would sit higher on the camera, and this would be “less” of an issue.

Problem #3 – Harshness – The current flash often comes off as harsh. It over-lights in some situations, creates to many shadows, etc. This has to do again with the size of the light source… I think if I were to get a flash, the first thing I would get is a diffuser (or 2) for the flash… This would help eliminate the shadows, and all around produce a better image… (This is why photographers bring in big flashes when taking photos). I must say, I’m rather intrigued by the UltraSoft

I’m sure I can come up with about a dozen other reasons I should get a flash for my camera… But alas… time will tell if I actually do. (I wonder how many more weddings I’ll be at this summer…)… I think the only question I need to ask myself is this: what do I want more, a new flash, or a new TV… (sheesh, talk about wanting nice things when there are people dying of starvation in Africa… hmmm)

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