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The Legacy of A Website

I am a data pack rat.

I try to archive every file I’ve ever had in one way or another. Over time, things get lost, but to this day, I still have data going back to 6th grade sitting on my hard drive (and probably some stuff older than that even).

Ben Miller

Simon Kurt

Those photos were part of a 6th grade art product. I remember taking them during recess at Lake Jr. High with Ms. Hoglund’s  (her name has since changed I understand) brand new Quickcam. To be honest, it was probably the first digital photo’s I ever took, and quiet possibly the first digital photos of these guys ever taken…

So today, I’ve been cleaning up data on servers. I stumbled upon a website that I have been keeping online for over 10 years. The SMRC: http://www.thesmrc.com/.

It’s a website that maintained with vigor in my days of youth. Back when Nintendo was what I did every day when I came home from school. The site is what taught me webdesign, javascript, the beginnings of databases, and basic templating. In fact, I’m still kind of amused by the javascript template that makes that site possible (that style is almost coming back)…. Heck, some of the javascript found on that site might even have been considered *before it’s time*…

In any case, I officially put what I think will probably be it’s last update ever on the site today. It was simply an update to say there would be no more updates. I also fixed a few broken links (hey it’s what I do).

I firmly believe, that although the content is outdated, that I should do everything in my power to keep the site online… I intend to. As long as I have webhosting, the site will continue to contribute content to the interwebs, even if it’s legacy content. Heck, to this day, it’s still the only site I know of that had scans of all Zelda DX’s available prints for gameboy printer (although I do remember giving permission to one other site to post the images… so they may have it up as well).

So what am I trying to say… Don’t take your sites offline if you can avoid it? Maybe… Be a data pack rack like I am? Sure… Ultimately though, I think it is simply this: Never let the world forget something you were proud of.