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Yeah right

BWHAHAHAhahaha like I ever know what I want to say right now. How about, playing many games of pool makes a dull Justin. Yes, although we enjoyed the time spent with friends, the game was slow. I wonder if this could have been solved by a decision I made earlier that night to go out of my way…

Speaking of games, I have two more I need to mention before I go to bed tonight. It appears I haven’t lost my touch in DDR. I had something like a 205 Combo on the Club mix. I was so happy. That has to be the first time I have had a combo that large… Maybe the second time.

The other game is Dig Dug 2. This classic Nintendo game is kind of like Jezzball for the PC except more action, more AI, and more dirt. It has to be the funniest quick game I have played on the Nintendo since PacMan and Tetris. Thanks goes out to Nikki for donating it to the collection. I owe ya one :-). Thanks for playing with me as well!

Overall a good day. PK is trying to bring me back to the world of UO. I don’t know if I will go. We’ll see. That’s all for tonight.