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The Speed of a Render

Google Chrome Beta is… fast….

Generally speaking when you load up a webpage, your dealing with a series of delays that include:

  • Dns Lookup
  • Multiple file downloads from 1 or more servers
  • The render time for the page itself

Your web browser is involved with all 3, but for the most part, the delays for the DNS lookup and the file download have mostly to do with your internet connection. That said, the only place to really optimize the user experience (from a browser perspective) is to make the page render as quickly as possible.

That said, Google has been making great strides as of late to increase render speed… In fact, I’m using it right now, and it is crazy how quick the render happens, even with quite a bit of javascript…

Google has it going so fast, that they put together a video which I have to admit, is fun to watch as well. I highly recommend the Google Chrome Beta, as well as the following youtube video.

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