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A fun, long, eventful, moviefilled, and trouble-ended day

Should we work backwards with this post? It might be fun.

My day ended at home typing this post for you while chatting with Nikki and possibly playing pool. I found out when I got home that Celeste, one of my friends who hung out with us tonight, was in deep trouble because of the late time she arrived home.

This happened right before I dropped off Sim and Chris as Sim’s house where they casually strolled in. Celeste must have known that she was in a little bit of trouble already because she made sure to tell me not to pull into the driveway. I feel bad about this all, I should just stick to kicking everyone out of the house at 12:00, well except for Sim of course.

We played Smash Brothers and Pool after I dropped Nikki off at home. It’s nice to know that her curfew doesn’t change and that I don’t have to worry about possibly getting her grounded because I hold her to it, and she holds me to it (*Probably her doing most of the holding because it’s her resposibly, but mine as well because I am the driver 90% of the time*). Before dropping her off, we had shot pool as always. The later the night got the worse I got, but I did have a nice set in our first game of 5-player cut-throat.

The decision to go play pool at my house for the 5th night a row came at Damon’s where I enjoyed meat 2 nights in a row. I like those cheeseburgers.

I probably would not have eaten had I had some popcorn while watching Signs. It’s that new movie by that director who did The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. I must say, it appears to be another hit. Great movie. Great thriller. All around good movie. I say, you must see this one, and buy it on DVD too!

We went to a movie because we couldn’t come up with any better ideas for a group of 5 people to do. We could have just sat around Sim’s playing Halo and Foooooseball, but that would have got old fast. I also picked up punch-out from John so I am back to my normal Nintendo game count.

While waiting to get the urget word to go get Celeste to bring her to Sim’s, I basically coded and played online pool, again. It’s fun I must say, a little addicting, and well.. I just don’t know. I have this obsession to try to get more games than the rest of the yahoo world. Perhaps I should go back to playing right now. Oh no, what has happened. I brought this post back to the here and now. Perhaps that means this is the end. Yes it is a sign. Goodnight!