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The Dewmocracy Returns

I’m excited yet again for the 3 new flavors of Mountain Dew that have hit the market.

In fact, I bought all 3 last friday just to make sure I got an good enough sampling of each… Here’s where I stand:

Distortion (Green) – Is very Limey when cold… When warm, it take’s a lot like regular dew to me. Ultimately it’s not bad, but is my least favorite of the 3.

White Out (Clear) – Is also very similiar to regular dew, but with more of a Sprite taste (to me). At first it was my least favorite… but after having a few more (especially cold), it grew on me. I think this probably is the same feeling I have with sprite/sierra mist (dislike it when it’s warm, but when it’s cold, it’s pretty good).

Typhoon (Red) – Is by far my favorite… It’s similiar to Code Red and (Horde) Game Fuel… but I think I like it better, especially when comparing typhoon warm to code red warm.

So now that I’ve given my spiel… here’s the proverbial advertisement to go vote for what I like… why? Because I want more of it…

Vote for MTN DEW(R) Typhoon(TM) - Dewmocracy.com

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