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Last Chance To See WoW: Part 1 of 10

For those of you who don’t know, I used to play World of Warcraft… Alot…

I’m kind of a 1 video game at a time kind of guy, and for over a good 2 years (not counting a few breaks), WoW was my game. Marriage, as well as my lack of desire to be in a guild, has more or less stopped me from playing as of late. Instead, I find myself spending time with Amber, or at least on the weekends, playing Dungeons and Dragons (from one nerdy thing to another).

However, there is an expansion pack coming out for the game hopefully sometime this year. It’s called Cataclysm, and to be honest, it’s more of a refresher than an expansion pack. One of the key things about this particular expansion is that it will end up demolishing/destroying/rebuilding/recreating significant portions of the existing WoW universe. Parts of the map will be “forever changed” and some things will not be around anymore…

This happened with the last expansion pack when Dalaran “took off” and left a giant gaping hole in it’s place. That’s not as significant as what’s about to change… but similar non the less.

Then along comes a Wowhead blog post highlighting an article about 10 things that are “Last Chances To See” before the expansion pack arrives. It reminded me of a few of the good times I’ve had running around the crazy world… So I figure, just like you photograph things in your life, I would go through and screenshot the 10 things that are mentioned in the article as leaving. The first one up, is probably one of the things I remember best… and that is Hogger. Hogger is one of the first elites (hard guys) you ever encounter in the game… and although it sounds like he isn’t actually leaving (more like being upgraded into a new role), he will most likely no longer serve as most peoples first elite victory.

I can remember Mikale (Richard) and I coming up against Hogger for the first time… The first thing I remember was a lack of spawn (at least for us… we had trouble finding him for a little bit). The second thing I remember was dying… at least once… because he was a little bit more powerful then I had expected. Well that soon changed… And we conquered him. Below are some screenshots from tonight with me posing with Good Old Hogger.

Oh, and one more thing just for kicks and giggles… If you’ve never seen a “Hogger Raid” before, and your into this WoW stuff… be sure to checkout the youtube video as well.