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Last Chance To See WoW: Part 2 of 10

Next up on the list is the Greymane Wall…

I don’t have to many memories of this place to be honest. The only time I recall running into it was when I was going for an achievement that involved running all over the entire map (That was a rather fun achievement).

Regardless, the wall is quite big, and I guess the rumor is the wall will look different too in the upcoming game (Something about the developers copying another wall, when it should have looked a little different). In any case, the wall will be opened for a new starting area based around Gilneas and the Worgen.

Here are some pics of me visiting this great wall…

The Greymane Wall

The Greymane Wall

The Greymane Wall

Me in Front Of The Greymane Wall

Me in Front Of The Greymane Wall... on an elephant!

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