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Last Chance To See Wow: Part 4 – The Barrens

I’ll be honest with you… I always hated the barrens.

For the longest time, it was this large, fairly pointless zone for me. When I lived in Booty Bay, I would end up there every time I hopped on the boat… and every time I did, I found myself running over this fairly empty space. It was probably my second least favorite zone, right next to Desolace. I mean really… who could love a place so barren… Even if it did have a goblin village…

The Barrens

Ratchet... Cool Name, but pretty boring...

But I do have some memories here that are probably worth sharing… First there were the random oasis’s, where often times I would find myself dying because as usual, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going… I’m pretty sure in the history of my WoW playing, I was killed by one particular group at least 3 times… I was often in the oasis’s trying to catch some fish that you could sell for some reasonable money… That of course all stopped with WOTLK came out, but non the less, it was a meager living for a level 30 player.

And I suppose you could say the place wasn’t entirely barren… it did have some pretty cool wild life… And there these random wandering groups that I’m not sure I ever did anything for who must have some sort of purpose… And of course the dungeon here… I remember dying there as well (can you tell I died a lot)…. There were 2 of them… one dungeon i remember getting all the way to the end with Mikale I believe, only to find we couldn’t get past some ant like things… highly annoying. I also seem to recall a rather annoying “follow me quest”….

And then there was the lift… Who could forget the lift and committing suicide off of it into the Thousand Needles… The person guarding it was always so nice as well… In fact… he might have been the first real horde that I was aware I was killing… hmmm would have to think about that… Probably not… but maybe…

So there you have it… the Barrens… To be forever changed (and fly-overable as well) with the upcoming expansion.

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  • Richard May 14, 2010, 4:22 pm

    That guard was where I killed my first "horde" aside from in the Battlegrounds. It was funny because I was flagged and then proceeded to gang up with 2 more alliance to kill 3 more annoying horde that were higher lvl. They sucked.

    This place has a lot of meaning, apparently, to horde, but to us alliance it was just a another leg of the long journey to Gadgetzan.