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The 1000th word

Think I am done complaining about my English paper? Think again… I just hit the 1000th of 2000 words. In other words, It took me a friggen 6 hours of battling with paper, computer, and books to come up with half a paper. This either means I will finish my paper at 3:00am tommorow, only have half a paper, or come up with some really good ideas for this paper much faster than I have all day so that I can enjoy the chatting time with friends in hope that they might be able to comfort me in this trial of fire that my English Lit professor is putting me through. I really should go to office hours and have her look at this when it is done because I feel it is a crappy piece of writing, and I would hate to have her feel the same way 5 minutes after I handed it in.

So for the first time I think since I opened this site, my mood has fallen below a 5. That is really to bad. I shouldn’t stress quite so much over this paper. There is a part of me that is saying I should just not go to Valley Fair tommorow and keep working on it. Screw that part, I am going to work hard tonight so I can relax tommorow before I have to go back to hell for all the miss deeds I have done.

Whoever said it was smart for me to be smart, you were wrong. Whoever said it was smart for me to love, you were wrong. Whoever told me anything that sounded resonibly correct but wasnt, you were wrong. I hope you all now realize that I want this paper done, yes, I want it done now, and I am going to finish it right… later…