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A Productive Day – Photos, Fans, and Amber

It’s been a good, but rather long day.

I woke up this morning, and immediately began cleaning the house. No reason for it what so ever… I litterally just got out of bed, picked up as much as I could, and began doing the dishes. I think I was trying to make sure I had some time to do it today, although in my head, I had nothing planned.

Once the house was clean, Amber got home, and we came up with some missions for the day. We decided to go to home depot to pick up a few things. Namely, a remote control device for our master bedroom fan (our old one broke), a pot for some Tomatoes, and a light bulb for my reading lamp. Pretty short list all around, but we first has to take the ceiling fan down, which was a decent amount of effort to begin with.

Once we got to home depot, finding the stuff wasn’t an issue, and so we quickly found ourselves on the way to my parents. We had made plans to go out to dinner with them and my grandparents this evening (for no particular reason).  Outback was the restaurant of choice, and we had a wonderful time (as well as some great food!).

While we were at my parents, I also picked up some photo negatives that I had asked my dad to set out for me from my graduation. A friend of mine is working on a project for MSA, and so they were needing me to get scans of the negatives… Once we got the negatives (and after dinner), Amber and I decided to head up to Target to get them scanned (Note for Christmas list: Negative Scanner). We accomplished that goal, here are a few of the results:

After we got the scans, it was time to install the new fan thingy… I managed to do that with some help with Amber… I also managed to discover yet another wiring failure in my house… and took care of that as well. All in all it was a productive day… now if only I could get a little bit of coding done :-). (oh yeah, not to mention a WoW blog post).

Did I remember to mention that I love my wife? You know… I love Amber!