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Last Chance To See WoW: Part 6 – Auberdine

It seems I’m back to my series of places that WoW will be drastically changing in the coming months with a trip to Auberdine.

For me, Auberdine was always a “hub” city. I didn’t stay there very long, and 9 times out of 10, if I was there, I was on my way to somewhere else. In fact, sometimes I didn’t even know where it was I was on my way to when I ended up there… Take for example, the first time I arrived in the city… I had just learned of a boat in Stormwind that was able to take you to the “third capital” of the alliance (Dalaran). I had started near Stormwind, and visited Ironforge thanks to the Deeprun Tram that connected the 2 cities, but had yet to visit Dalaran.

I hopped on the boat and it quickly took me to the opposite side of the world. I got off the boat, ran down the docks, and suddenly found myself very confused…. This didn’t feel like a capital city… In fact, where were all the shops? Where were all the people? Where was the bank… I ran around some more until someone told me I had to take a portal to get to Dalaran… so I started looking for the portal… Couldn’t find it.

I think that’s about the time Mikale told me I had to hop on another boat once I got to Auberdine. Go figure. So in the back of my head, I tend to think of Auberdine now as “Not Dalaran”.

The only other major memory I have of this place was when Richard was working on getting his bear form for his druid… I don’t remember anything major happening, other than Richard turning into a bear.

It will be interesting to see this place destroyed… I also kind of wonder if it will remain the hub for all the boats, or if they will decide to take a new path… Well, here are the photos:

The Sun in Auberdine

Auberdine... The Hub

Swimming in Auberdine

Auberdine... Just looking around...

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  • Richard May 18, 2010, 2:51 pm

    I have very fond and elaborate memories of this place, as the first time I played wow was on a 10 day trial and I created a Night Elf Hunter. I leveled him to the level cap of 20 very promptly. It was at this time that I did what I could to convince you to play WoW. Funny, how when you did start up and Mikale came to be, my hunter hasn't really seen daylight in over…4 years?