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Is Data Your Legacy?

I am a self proclaimed data-whore.

No, I’m not in love with Brent Spiner (although I do think he’s funny). I’m not even a big fan of entering data. I simply like to collect it. I particularly like to collect data somehow pertaining to my time here on earth (or people who I know’s time here on earth). It’s why my blog exists. It’s why I have a Smugmug account for photos. It’s why I my computer always seems to have way to much storage, and why I am always needing more.

Something crossed my mind today though, that to me, it stems from a belief that someone, somewhere, will be trying to study something in history. Something which may be difficult to learn without whatever data it is I am archiving… It might be my future progeny, trying to learn about their ancestors. It might be some scholar who happens to dig up a hard drive buried beneath 1000’s of years of dirt (hey, it could happen…). Regardless, for some strange reason, I feel like every second, of every day, is worth recording and archiving. Sadly, my eyetap and wearcomp aren’t quite usable enough to accomplish such a feat.

Even if all the data never gets used by anyone other than me, it still serves as one of the best triggers for brain recall that I know of (especially photos). In fact, I find it fun to page through all of the facebook photos of myself that other people have taken just to remind myself of days gone by. The friendships, memories, and moments captured in all this data, will forever be one of my best legacies.