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Soluto: Round 1 – Fail

A product called Soluto is claiming to be the “Anti-frustration” software for windows. It’s been getting quite a bit of press today from TechCrunch Disrupt today, so I decided to check it out… So far… not as impressed as I was by the press…

The install went smooth, no hang-ups there until the end, when it asked for me to reboot. I find reboots frustrating… It’s why I leave my computer on…  But Soluto is supposed to make reboots more enjoyable, so I let it give it a reboot:

Soluto Install

After the reboot, there was no indication that the install was complete… But I did notice the new icon down by my clock, so I clicked it. Soluto launched, only to cause me more frustration when it told me the servers were overload:

You’ll notice there was no button to “Try Again”. So I closed the window, and went to try again. It failed again… This time, I closed the app by right click on its icon and saying quit. I then tried to launch the program again, and I was back to the install done screen, asking for a reboot. No install was performed, and I had already rebooted (frustrating):

Soluto Install

So I’m about to give it 1 more reboot now, since the software won’t let me do anything else But so far, I am most frustrated by the anti-frustration software than I was before the software was installed. It’s kind of like the spyware removal software that installs the spyware before removing it for you. I’ll let you know what happens if this silly software ever does something useful.

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  • Roee Adler (Soluto) May 24, 2010, 11:49 am

    Hey, we're really sorry for this, it's part of the "TechCrunch Effect". Everything should work now, and if it doesn't please contact me directly. The last thing we want to do cause more frustrations, I'm sorry again.