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Soluto – Round 3 – Success!

So after 3 tries (I’m sure it will only take you 1, honestly). Soluto is now a working solution to reducing some of the headaches on my windows machine.

I keep my machine fairly optimized, so the amount of help it actually gave me was minimal, but I did give it a whirl, and managed to shave about 9 seconds off of my boot-up time. Here’s some of the previews of what it did:

The machine before being optimized:

The machine after the optimization:

I also submitted a few wiki entries, which I thought was pretty cool. All around, it’s a clean piece of software, and even though it’s still in beta, I highly recommend it if your looking to shave off a few programs that might be zapping your system resources.

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  • PK May 25, 2010, 6:14 am

    Downloads over capacity…can you email me the install?

  • Justin Gehring May 25, 2010, 7:31 pm

    Wish I could PK, but it has kind of a funny installer… It's one of these "new fangeled" no hassle installers (which downloads as it installs)… At least, it was when I installed it the first time… I think…