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25 Years of Marriage

It’s hard for me to comprehend how long 25 years is.

After all, it’s roughly the amount of time that I’ve been alive. The only people I can claim to really have known that long are my parents and immediate family… With the first non-relative that I still consider to be a best friend being Richard coming in at 17 years. Relationships take work to maintain that long…

So yesterday, I found myself celebrating 25 years of marriage with Mike and Jill Radabaugh (Amber’s parents). It was quite a day. It started by going to church at the church where they were married. Followed by a photo shoot (I wouldn’t be surprised if more photos were taken yesterday than on their actual wedding day) with the family. We then went to lunch where they had their wedding reception (and I ate WAY to many eggs, it was all you can eat…) From there, we spent the rest of the day playing Clue, watching the Indy 500, and testing out their new Blueray player.

It’s quite impressive to see a marriage that has gone that long. I know how much work it must have taken (ok, probably not, but I’m guessing it was the amount of work it took Amber and me the last year, times 25). I can only imagine what Amber and I will be like in 25 years when we get to that same point.

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  • Ann Sieg May 31, 2010, 6:49 pm

    A big congratulations to Mike and Jill and you know what?! I recognize that church. And that's because it's the church I grew up in. I have TONS of memories of that church. It looks so teeny in that picture but growing up it was a BIG church. Funny how much our perspective's change once we're all "grown up."

    Jill and Mike are a fabulous couple and I'll never forget talking to you after seeing The Passion of The Christ. Mike, I remember you asking me about my sister Jeanne. I think she was in your class.

    I just went for a walk today with my mom and Jeanne. It was a wonderful time together. We laughed and had fun "girl time" together.

    Justin, Brian and I are coming up on our, oh my goodness, 27th Anniversary. Here I thought it was only 26. Yes, over a quarter of a century and I love my guy as much as the day we got married. Marriage is LOTS of commitment and I think that is the true essence of LOVE. You tough it out through the thick and thin of it all. It builds huge bonds of love and respect as a result.

    I think it's really about having that three chord strand as talked about in the Bible. I think it's from Ecclesiastes. I like to believe that the commitment to marriage is a great model to current and future generations. It is those strong familial bonds that keep our society strong and stable.

    Much blessings on you and Amber and to Mike and Jill.

    Love you guys,