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Makenna’s First Birthday

Last night we celebrated Makenna’s first birthday.

Makenna is one of my cousins daughters, and the “first” great grandchild of my grandma. She turned 1 on the 1st of June, and so last night we went to Chuck E Cheese’s to celebrate.

I can remember celebrating many birthdays and accomplishments in this building… I say building because I hadn’t been in this particular place since it used to be Circus Pizza. Ah…. Circus Pizza. Now there is some memories for you. There are always the highlighted stories… Things like winning enough tickets to take home a 19″ color tv (A tv which surprisingly still works well), or Richard getting his Gameboy color AND Gameboy Camera due to a mistake.

There was also a birthday party I remember having there once… Richard got me Wario Blast as a gift (a gameboy game). Price range for birthday parties was always an issue for people, but he used funcoland to his advantage (knowing that I wouldn’t care if the game was used), and got me what was remembered as my favorite gift that year (nobody else got me a gameboy game). I do remember getting Jenga that year as well… DD Yang gave it to me I believe… good game all around.

Of course there was Bumper the clown… He was always a thrill.

And who could forget the day we made Kavin cry… John and I unscrewed the lid to the pepper jar, and knowing that he would copy us when we put peppers on our pizza, he picked up the jar, shook it on the pizza as proud and as hard as he could… To which resulted in a plate full of peppers. It was priceless… even if Kavin was to young to see the humor in it :-).

In any case, who knows what Makenna’s first memories will be of… But even if she can’t remember, we took enough photos in the evening to tell the simple tale of her first birthday: