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Being the DDR freak that I am, as soon as I was done at the U today, I hopped on 494 over to beth’s for a quick 2 hours jam session of DDR. Nikki and Adam were there as well and I enjoyed crushing Beth‘s dream of being a better dancer than me, at least for awhile…

We all then went to Subway. We had a nice talk there and enjoyed the laughs with a little kid Beth had found on the side of the road. Well, not quite, but that’s where we think the red haired boy named Erik came from. We then split into two groups: one took the kid home, the other took a walk in the park. I must say I enjoy taking walks in the park with Nikki. She is enjoyable, says what she thinks, and of course, just plain fun to be around. I also enjoy the sharp grass they had there, which put like 500 microscopic holes in my arm. I don’t understand why it stung so much… Maybe I’m losing my ability to block pain. That normally happens when I am losing my ability to block something else. Oh well… Hopefully it will all go away soon.

After that it was home I went to. I sat there for awhile wondering if I was going to go against my parent’s wishes and go see a movie tonight. I then decided it was an overall bad idea to get on their bad side with only 3 days left of school before going on a 3 week summer break. Gotta love these short but sweet college breaks.

So instead of going out tonight, I stayed in and shot pool. Me and Nikki shot a few rounds and then after she left I met this nice girl from California. According to her, all the guys out there are just looking to get laid and will do anything to make that happen. She then told me I sounded like a nice guy and that it was a pleasure meeting me. Sadly enough, before I had to time to give her this web address, she fell off of yahoo pool and was lost to the void that that area brings. Well needless to say, dollfacem9, it was nice meeting you as well.

On a minor note: I am back to my 1400 rating in pool. I figured again that I would post my last 20 yahoo games again because well, it looks cool when I post stuff like that in my entry.

Date Opponent Result
00:16 EDT, 06 Aug 2002 dollfacem9 win
23:52 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 dollfacem9 win
23:51 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 dollfacem9 win
23:21 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 pimpinchica86 win
23:12 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 pimpinchica86 loss
23:05 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 pimpinchica86 win
22:55 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 nova_scotia_stu.. loss
22:49 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 snake_glascock_.. win
22:38 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 andres_egana win
22:33 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 andres_egana loss
22:30 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 andres_egana loss
22:23 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 andres_egana win
22:17 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 aegana loss
22:09 EDT, 05 Aug 2002 snowblonde123 win
23:45 EDT, 03 Aug 2002 realdudette11 loss
23:37 EDT, 03 Aug 2002 realdudette11 loss
20:51 EDT, 03 Aug 2002 ben_lee_2001 win
19:21 EDT, 03 Aug 2002 alphamorpheus win
19:09 EDT, 03 Aug 2002 alphamorpheus win
18:05 EDT, 03 Aug 2002 mbmod74 win

The girl did make me wonder one thing… What am I out for…

Oh, and someone else asked me this question… Why is my girl line flat… It is flat because right now I don’t believe I am “chasing” after anyone. So in otherwords, how can I feel I am making progress towards a relationship with a lady if I don’t think I am even trying to make progress towards one person? So there the line sits… Going no where…

One last note… Yes that is me in The Onus. I am jrcorps2. I am the brown haired guy pointing at “The Onus“. You gotta love a comic that has me in it right? You have to love anything with me in it right? You love me right? Ok… so you dont.. fine.. be that way. I dont love me loving me either. See if you can figure that sentence out.. Bouya! bye…

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