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Rinsefirst Welcomes Thesis

It was time for a redesign.

I knew I need to get off the modified Simpla theme that I had been on for awhile… And I knew I didn’t want to code my own them.

I also knew that I wanted the code to be as SEO as possible, and to have way to many options for me to customize.

So I decided to go with DIYthemes Thesis. A theme created by one of my favorite bloggers online, Copyblogger.

In any case, you can see the new clean layout, new text styles. I even went to the trouble to create a rotating image in the upper right corner of the latest images uploaded to smugmug. It will always take the most recent photos, just like justingehring.net.

Not sure what other changes will come now that I’m on Thesis, but they will have to wait for another day, seeing as I have to get ready for a wedding :-). Laterz all!