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A Long Weekend

I need a vacation.

At least, that’s what my wife says.

I feel like I go non stop far to much of the time… Balancing friends, family, church, and work (not in that order) in quite a feat… And I’m pretty sure you can never do it perfectly.

This weekend has been no exception. I’ve been doing things pretty much non stop since Thursday night. It started with MaKenna’s birthday party on Thursday (which I already posted about). Friday featured the last day of computer club, and a dinner with my parents, aunts and uncles (they were all in town for a wedding). Saturday morning was consumed with as much work as I could get done in 2 hours, and then the rest of the day was followed up by Joe and Katie Westphal’s wedding.

Joe and Katie Westphal

When I got home from the wedding myself on Saturday (after having a great time), I quickly set my camera to upload all it’s pictures to smugmug for the night, and then went to bed. I knew Sunday morning that I was to go to church at 9:30AM and do some stuff with a speaker that would be at church.

At about 8:15AM, I got a call from Joel asking me if I could come in and run the soundboard instead of doing the 9:30 thing (basically turning it from a 1 hour gig into a 4 hour gig). I had the time (sort-of), so said yes, and had a great time mixing up Beth and the Band in Genesis. At 12:30, I came home, had lunch with Amber, and then did as much work as I could focus on for 2 hours again. From there, it was off to DnD for my last night as the DM (at least for now, possibly ever). I’ll blog more about that another night.

Tomorrow will be a long day of work (no doubt), followed by dinner and W00tstock 2.4 with Amber, Richard, and Elizabeth. We’ll no doubt have a great time geeking it up, and celebrating Richard’s birthday!

Tuesday right now looks like the first no party day for awhile… and thankfully, it’s just in time, as work will be kicking into high gear right about then as well (if it isn’t already)… So much to do, so little time.

So maybe Amber is right… maybe I need a vacation… or maybe right now, I just need a little sleep :-). Night world!