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Another one bites the dust

This post was supposed to go up at midnight last night, but I broke the server. Well isn’t everyone happy? I finished another paper today. Well more like this morning. Either way…

Last night was dad’s b-day. We went out to Ciati’s where I of course ate way to much food and didn’t feel so well for about an hour afterwards. I then got to work on my paper, where 5 hours later, bingo it was done! Yea! i even like the way most of it is written. I suppose the keyword there is most.

Nikki‘s bros sound like they want to sell some Nintendo games… This means I should probably get my pocket book ready to buy some drugs. Yes, that’s right for people reading this part of my life for the first time… Nintendo games are like drugs for me. I collect them. The goal is to get all 800+ of them, including those porn ones… hehe… ok so maybe I won’t waste my time trying to find 8-bit porn. I have metroid anyway.

Speaking of video games, The Onus made a refrence to a video game joke that in my mind may have just gotten a little out of hand. Stupid Sega translaters…

PK has me hyped on UO again, Beth has me on a DDR craze, Nikki has me thinking road trip and about life, Sim has me wanting to be creative, MSA has me wanting to work, School is almost done… What does this mean I will do once it is done? Probably remove the right-front quarter panel of the Plymouth Roadrunner in my garage.

Sometimes I wonder if hope can turn around, even when you least expect it.