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My Internet Timeline

Richard had me trying to put the online events of my life in some sort of order today… So I decided to post them here… Odds are, some of these events are documented on this site. Other’s, aren’t documented enough :-).

  • Summer 96: GrapoDoughboys Page-O-Codes Created. Justin’s Lego Webpage also created (I wonder what Lego ever did with these).
  • 96-97 (6th Grade): Some Tripod Pages setup (Hoglunds Haven, KennyN, simland)
  • Summer 97: ??? – Possibly First move to ISD/Start of the smrc
  • 97-98 (7th Grade): QBasic Programming.
  • Summer 98: The SMRC is launched on ISD (http://www.isd.net/mmmpc523/)
  • 98-99 (8th Grade): TBasic Programming, Lots of Web Work. Mario Battle
  • Summer 99: Alex Re-did the SMRC graphics. Begin to learn more about other technologies.
  • 99-00 (9th Grade): Javascript Templating for SMRC (Say goodbye frames!), MSA Local Network, Visual Basic, Started creating MSA’s first network
  • Summer 00: Finalized the Firewall, moved MSA’s website to the firewall/T1. SMRC Content Generation, Girls…
  • 00-01 (10th Grade): Take over MSA Website. More SMRC Content. The Tangent mini website. Linux Student Server Upgrades
  • Late Summer 01: More SMRC Changes. Purchase of a Domain Name for JRCorps, and real hosting.
  • 01-02 (11th Grade): More MSA Network Changes (I believe this might have been the move to XP). Start at UMN. Scheme/C/Java. More Php/Mysql. SMRC Content. JJ’s Domain Starts. Start of WLC Youth Website? PHP/Mysql
  • Summer 02: SMRC Dies. Was in school almost all the time. When I wasn’t. I was with friends. JJ’s domain converted to php/mysql.
  • 02-03 (12th Grade): Java/C/C++. MSA website converted to php/mysql. Youth site.
  • Summer 03: Amber. The Building of the Beast.
  • 03-04 (College): Started Job at UMN. Rebuilt JJ’s Domain into Rinsefirst.

Seems pretty close to accurate…