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An inside look at one of my other lives

Ok, let’s quickly sum up the day then go into what I am going to make this post all about. Today was the last real day of English Lit, I handed in my paper and now it’s time to review for that big final we all know I have to take tommorow. Then… It will be all over with!!! That means for the next 3 weeks I can focus on nothing but my 3 other projects, Websites, school, and girls. Wait a second… how is school on that list… Oh yeah, I have two… dangit…

Got home and found out there was going to a party with my friend’s at my house this afternoon. It is always interesting when you learn these things because you never really know what is going to happen. You don’t know who is coming, how many people, or whether or not you should clean the house for some fancy Japenese people coming to stay. Well, needless to say, it was a small group. Nikki, Sim, and celeste came over. We shot some pool and enjoyed each other’s company. Some of us got sleep, while other played with each other’s hair. All and all it gave me much to observe and ponder over while I contemplated what I was doing, which just so happened to be much of nothing.

Speaking of which, the movie we watched was Harry Potter. This is the first time I have seen the story in full length in any form of media. I have not read the books. I had not seen the movie. Now I have seen the movie, and want to read the books… Strange how that works… Maybe if I find time and finish reading The Salmon Of Doubt.

After they all left, I tried playing Ultima Online for the first time in a month. PK and I ran about halfway across the world looking for something to do. When we finally found something, I lagged out. What luck! When I got back 10 minutes later, I found my guy dead, my bones decayed, and the plants I had been gardening lost to the void of space. Stupid deamon-like creatures… Either way, I stopped playing then because I didn’t have much to play with.

This ties in nicely with where I am going to take this post now. I would like everyone to meet the other me.

This version of me is very similiar to the real me except there are a few things you need to know about him. First, he only lives about 3 hours a day when I have the time to let him live. I refuse to have he wandering about like some moron without me nearby. Now the ironic thing about that last sentence is, that I really don’t care if he runs around like a moron when I am nearby. Maybe this is how he got his most famous of titles, Chief Idiot. There was a day when this player ment many things to many people in the world of UO. Back before the worlds split, back when the Tower of Dreams still held parties, back when JJ’s brother G-Man still bartended at special occasions. Those were the days of happiness. Those were the days of prosperity. JJ had a house. JJ had friends. JJ was a leader. Then something happened. A bad chain of events, starting with the lose of his home to some freak fire in the middle of the night. This made JJ homeless and very very lonely. So he stopped playing 3 hours a day and instead start working on this website.

Ok, so that last paragraph has to be one of my worst formed ones ever. Not that that means anything. Just saying, JJ isn’t very well educated. Someone wise once wrote about JJ, “He is either very brave, or very stupid, but needless to say, he has no fear of death.” This is only true when he isn’t running around with plants in his backpack.

Well to finish this whole thing off about UO, I must say I enjoy it rather much. So much that I haven’t needed a new computer for any of the new computer games because I havent bought a new computer game since I bought UO. This would be considered saving money, except there is a monthly fee with UO so screw that…

Back to wherever I fell like taking this post tonight. I am back to debating what I am going to do the rest of the night. Part of me is saying sleep, but that wouldn’t be any fun. I am thinking maybe I will add a few new sections to the the site tonight. Then again, no I really dont want to do that.

This brings into question what do I want, and what I think I want right now is one of two things. One of these two things I can’t, won’t, or don’t really get no matter what I do, so we ignore that one and refuse to tell you about it because we like to make you wonder and come back for more. The second thing is to keep writing nonsensical things in this post just to drive you mad.

Maybe the writing is driving me mad. I am not sure if it is driving me anywhere. I say this because I am still sitting in front of this machine writing to you. I did move a good deal of distance if you refrence me to places like the sun and moon and stuff, but otherwise, im still here.

Here, where is here? Have I gotten anywhere in the past 88 entries? Have I really made any insights into your life and mine. I don’t exactly remember the purpose of this site. I think it was to help me remember what I did yesterday. It does seem to serve that purpose well.

Mel informed me the other day that she was upset with my profile because of this site. I guess the entries on this site are not as profound as my old profile entries which you can find under the profile section of this site. I guess, in some ways, I have lost the need to include hidden meanings in my posts. I could start that again and start driving people nutz because they would never “get” what was going on in my head when I wrote them. Maybe I will just start making profiles again so that people can read profiles while still having the information about my life this blog provides.

Speak of plans for things (was I speaking about that?), I have to go into MSA most of tommorow afternoon. What a blast! I have a board meeting and what looks to be about 3 hours of server room cleaning to finish. Fun! I think I would rather be spending time with my friends, but that will have to wait till friday.

I am now just going to type my friend’s names so that all these links form to their webpages for your enjoyment. Nikki, Sim, The Onus, Beth, Maria, Amber, Jon, John, Mel, and PK (Patrick). I am not sure if I have the last two set up to link or not… I will have to look into that.

Think this post is long enough yet? What if I go and play a few games of Yahoo pool or something so that I can post the results of those games in here. No, I don’t really want to do that so I won’t.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes I switch writing styles in these posts. Sometimes I use proper formatting, sometimes I dont. Did you catch that? Just checking. Maybe there is a method to when I use each method. Maybe I just don’t always type the long version of the word. Maybe… I should set a standard.

I don’t know if I mention this yesterday… I ran into a rather large dilemma with a group of people I am not sure I want to get to know. See, I am about to be a senior in highschool. Being a senior means little or nothing to me because I spend all my time at a college. I have no ‘highschool’ life anymore. Needless to say, this does not mean I can neglect where I really will be going to go to college next year, or neglect my friends.

Friends have always been the backbone to my life. It is how I maintain my sanity when there is no sanity to be found. I used to use a wall to regain grips with things, but, after a while, my head began to bleed along with my hand and anything else that hit the wall and so I decided it had to stop. Sometimes I still fall back into these methods, which is those times when Sim grabs the pencil out of my hands and refuses to give it back to me. But yes, instead of self-inflicted damage, I find it much easier to create things. So instead of banging my head up against a wall, I draw on the wall. I found I loved drawing on my walls so much that I let other people draw on my walls. My walls have now become something of fame amoung my friends and have turned into this giant piece of artwork. For this reason, I think I will start posting small portions of my wall for people to see. Maybe I will include some of the larger pictures as well so you can get an overall scope of what it is exactly you are looking at.

Needless to say, I now love my walls. They are nice and comforting. They remind that I have friends and that if I ever need to be creative, that’s the one place I can be it (besides this website of course).

So where am I going, where have I been? Interesting question, interesting story. I’ll tell you about the story first. It is about a girl who is very vain. She does all the typical teenager things and hangs out with typical teenagers. Her sister is one of those children who are smart. So basically, she got the looks, her sister got the brains. One day, her family went to a picnic. While they were out, this fellow came to her door and started asking her to come out so he could show her love. If interpreted, the story comes down to being about this 30-year-old devil trying to seduce a 16-year-old girl so that he can rape and then presumably kill her. What does his mean? I don’t know… Where was I going… I forgot…

Nikki just mentioned profiles to me. I figure that is of some relevance because I was talking about profiles earlier in this entry.

There is a part of me that wonders if I might have some small bug in this database that won’t let me post to the level I wish to post. I suppose I will find out when I actually hit the submit button. You might not know if it didn’t work because if it doesn’t work it will give me an error message and not post this non-sensical ramblings I am typing. I suppose for you that would be a good thing, but for me, it would probably be a headache.

There is cherry Kool-Aid in the fridge. I might have some, but why… It only leads to Kool-Aid poisoning.

Ok believe it or not, I have not gotten sick with this post, so I think I will stop right here………………. X

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