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Last Chance To See WoW: Part 7 – Azshara

As we get closer to the launch of Wow:Cataclysm, some previews have been seeping out from the beta users. It seems as if not as much is going to change as I once thought, but alas, I will continue to cover a few more spots that will be getting substantial changes…

One place that isn’t going to change much landscape wise is Azshara. Azshara isn’t a place I remember all that well… I believe I only came here twice… The first time, I found myself dying in the ruins at the hands of some lizard like folk:

The second time was while trying to complete a quest that took me to a Helicopter pad in the middle of no where… I had no idea how this zone worked at that time, so when I came to the part of the zone where there are deep ravines, I distinctly remember missing the bridge, and falling to my death. I then spent the next hour or so trying to find my body, and trying to figure out how to get back up to the upper level.

Of course, I then realized (after passing a really large statue), that the helicopter pad was at the lower level, and I very quickly found myself committing suicide yet again to get down to the pad…

While I was running around to take screenshots for this post, I came across a dragon I thought was pretty cool that I don’t recall ever seeing before. After reading about his quest chain on wowhead… I may now have to go seek out a quest in hopes of having the conversation with this dragon.

One last thing for your consumption… The Tankspot/Wowhead video of the new Azshara… Can’t wait to see the raceway in action… it looks way cooler to me than the shimmering flats did. (And that is why I’ll probably roll a goblin when the expansion is released):