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The Art of Losing At Chess

Chess is one of those games that I never really tire of, as long as I have opponents who can think.

Recently, thanks to a game I played in Nebraska with my cousin, I’ve found myself falling in love with correspondence chess. It’s basically a version of the game, where both players don’t have to be on at the same time to play… We simply make our move, and wait a day or two until the other person makes their move (sometimes more than a day, sometimes much much less). It allows you to play on your own time, and without worrying about when your friends have time to play.

Now that said, I may be back to playing it… but I got my butt kicked by John Clappier yesterday… Two big mistakes involving queens, and that was that…

I would love to have more people to play against, so if you want to challenge me, click the image below, get an account (either on chess.com, or via facebook), and lets get a game or 2 going! (It’s free!)

I play chess at Chess.com!

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  • John July 16, 2010, 2:33 pm

    It appears those 2 big mistakes were the only way I could win, not just because I'm fricken' awesome (I just lost 5 straight games to Justin). When the mistakes rain, they POUR baby!