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A Return to Disney [On Vacation]

In just a few short hours, I’ll be boarding a plane to Orlando, Fl. My house will be occupied by Amber’s aunt. And for all practical purposes, I will free of all real world concerns (minus the ones I decide to let creep in via my cell phone or laptop.) It will be the return to Justin and Amber’s honeymoon Part 2… This time, feature a smaller amount of tropical storm… but we should get some of it, non the less. It’s been 2 years now that we’ve been married (or at least, almost… very soon). Hard to believe.

One thing I hope to do this time, that we didn’t do so much of last time, is take more pictures. I’m bringing my camera and all my lenses in a nice back case, which should allow me to take plenty of photos… Something I wasn’t going to concern myself with on the honeymoon. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some of them back to the web before I get back.

In case I fail to post during the next week, my apologies… :-). I will be back!