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Sleep now….

Well, I did it again… My DDR skills seem to be improving. This time a perfect combo through 3.1 songs for a total of 380. Surprisingly, no High Score… oh well. On that same note, I also cleared Pop mix. Next on my list to clear: Weird Mix. Then its on to beating Rob.

I have to wake up bright and early on my first day off to give people rides and to enjoy the thrills of spending time with friends. I really wish I knew something. I really wish something was fact. I really wish something was something. But as it turns out, something is nothing but still means everything to me. Hope that little bit of logic didn’t run you into a brick wall with your mouth open wide and your hands behind your back.

Sim might be a little late updating The Onus. That’s to bad, I like reading his comics at 1 in the morning. Oh well, it will have to wait until later today.

The server room at MSA is all clean. I like it there, its so peaceful now. I was told that I should change the locks, that way no one can mess up how nice and organized I have it now. Perhaps I’ll just shoot Dan if he moves anything 🙂 *just kidding Dan*. Either way, it’s nice. I think I’ll get some pictures when I go in on Monday, they will last longer.

Well the soothing sound of singing insects is surely silencing my song. I will now sleep soundly in my super sleeper.

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