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Light Force

Well the day part of the day is slowly coming to the close and I find myself at MSA. Here I am downloading a copy of Redhat Linux 7.3 English. I was not planning on starting this process until monday but someone called the cell phone and informed me that not only were they moving the computers around the building today, but my cell phone also does not work. Apparently they had tried to call before and for some reason my voice mail has decided to no longer listen to people’s voices. Either way, I am here 72 hours too soon and I have very little I want to be doing here. I could just leave now that I am done, but I am having to much fun downloading Linux on the T1 line.

I spent the morning at Lightforce. This was a church event for the Junior Highers. I felt so useful!!! I got to help set up a volleyball net and move water balloons. Now I fear it must be story time.

Ryan Blaisdale, Jon, and myself all went up on the roof of the church with water balloons and a hose. We had a blast drenching people as they walked out the front door. This was until one of the other leaders assumed for some reason that I was a kid in Lightforce. Either way, we got down but left the water bucket and hose on the roof. I then took off with Nikki and Maria and we went out to lunch at Applebee’s and Dairy Queen *yes we ate at two places*.

We were planning on going with Amber and Jon, but we recieved some interesting news when we called them to meet up with them. I guess Jon had gone back up on the roof to get the rest of the stuff. He then ran towards the edge of the building or something and fell off. Now, I know this is Jon…. But how do you fall off a flat roof building? Ok, so it’s not that hard, but he did anyway and ended up hurting himself. It sounds as if he will be fine and only will walk away with a few busted bones after that ~13 foot drop.

In reality we hope he will be fine and all that. We might just have to replace the Jamaica logo with one of someone falling off a building… Afterall, the Jamaica people are back. Amber said they had an Amazing, no Great, no Good, No… um… Amazingly Great Good time…. I guess :-). I suppose you can read her diary to find out more.

Well that’s that. I hope something happens tonight after Nikki gets off work. If not, I am sure it will be a night of online pool *yeah!*. I would show you pictures of the server room here, but the camera is missing. Oh well…

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