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Disney Vacation 2010 Part 2 – Animal Kingdom

Our first day in the parks was spent at Animal Kingdom. Generally Speaking, I believe Amber considers this her favorite park because of all the animals. Because we were up so late the night before, we arrive there rather late in the day… So instead of going on all the rides (which Amber hates anyway), we did our best to make it to every show… And we did just that…

First up was the bird show, one of Amber’s favorites. She likes seeing all the birds perform their tricks. Universal has a similar show as well (in fact, both shows share a trick involving a dollar bill), but personally, I think the Animal Kingdom one was done better. Amber particularly liked the owl pictured below:

The next show was the Legend of the Lion King. It’s a musical number taking you through all the songs from Lion King, and doing so with gymnastic like dance. I’ve seen this show a few times, but I think this was the first time I remember to be in the lion section (they get the coolest sound).


Next, we made our way to Finding Nemo. This show also tells the story found in the movie, and in musical fashion, but does so using Black Light actor/puppets. It’s probably my favorite show at the park, and all around has some of the most breath taking colors (although the Legend of the Lion King would be in close second).


Besides shows, we also went on the Harambe Safari to see all the animals, as well as a walking tour view of the animals. All around, it’s a cool place if your one of those people who like Animal’s alot :-).


For dinner on Saturday, we went to Bahama Breeze. It’s kind of like a tropical version of Olive Garden. We had eaten there on our honeymoon the night we arrived, and Amber really liked it, so we returned there again. However, we didn’t call ahead, which resulted in an hour and a half wait to dine there. While we waited, I played some chess on my iphone, and rediscovered an application I had installed months ago, but never used, called FourSquare (perhaps you’ve heard about it). This would be the start of me checking in as much as I could using my phone (perhaps you saw all my updates on faceboook). For me, earning badges and trying to check into everything was something new to do on this trip, and kind of a fun thing to do on top of just visiting the parks. I failed horribly at checking into everything, but if I ever had to wait in a long line, I almost certainly was checking in.

After dinner we returned to the hotel, and began watching the Disney Channel… big mistake :-)… But non the less a great first day at the parks. The next day would bring something new for us both at the Magic Kingdom, but more on that in my next post :-).