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If I wouldn’t have been home this weekend, I would have been in LA

This won’t be a really long post…. But  I think it would have been cool to be in LA this weekend. I would have loved to partake in this little tournament:


Odds are I would have got my but kicked… As the original NES Tetris has some quirks to it that would make it difficult for me to compete in (it’s very similar to my arcade cabinet, but still… not my prefered style… Give me Tetris DS or The New Tetris on N64… then we’ll talk.) It would have been fun though, and I might have ended up in a movie… Maybe they’ll do it again next year :-).

Nintendo was also in town this weekend… I didn’t get there either… Not sure why I didn’t think of it. They were at the Ridgedale center showing off sometihng or another (I was betting they had 3DS’s with them that could be demo’d…). I suppose I could put together my own little home tournament using their home kit, but that just doesn’t sound as fun either: http://www.wiigames2010.com/wii-event-locations.aspx

In other words, I missed out on a lot of video games this weekend.

What was I doing instead? Playing World of Warcraft and The New Super Mario Brothers (wait a second….)

One last note before this post goes live:

Happy 2 year anniversary Honey! It’s been a great 2 years so far, lets make it another 100!