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Disney Vacation Part 4 – The “Farm” Tour

Just a quick recap of where we’ve been:

  • Part 3- The Tour of the Magic Kingdom (Sunday)
  • Part 2 – The Animal Kingdom (Saturday)
  • Part 1 – Arriving There (Friday Night)
  • Pre-Part 1 – From there (Saturday)

So day 4 was Monday, and after an 15+ hour day at the Magic Kingdom, we were TIRED. We knew we wanted to get to Epcot, but instead of waking up at a normal hour, we ended up leaving rather late. I believe we finally got to the park at roughly noon. We really had only one goal for the day, and that was to get to the 1 hour walking tour of The Land, at Epcot. Unlike the tour we took at the Magic Kingdom, this one didn’t require any advanced reservations, and was significantly cheaper (I believe it was $15.00 per person or something like that).

Our timing though for the day was all wrong. We ended up frustrating ourselves by not getting food (long story), and by basically doubling our walking. Regardless, we did make it to our tour at about 1:30, and it was rather cool to see the Greenhouses at the land from something other than the boat. The tour included going into all 3 of the greenhouses. We also got to eat some cucumbers that had been grown there, disperse some lady bugs, and mess with a touch sensitive plant. I have to admit, I didn’t find it quite as cool as the other tour, and most of the stuff you see on this tour you also see on the boat ride going through the land, but it did provide time to take some cool shots of some of the plants.


Once the tour was done, we tried to clear the park. We did a pretty good job. The only 2 things we missed when all was said and done was America, Mission to Space (Amber wouldn’t go on it anyway), and Spaceship Earth (the big ball at the front of the park). We stayed again til park close, and watched most of the fireworks.


We managed to miss our evening meal as well, so I ordered Domino’s, which gave Amber and I both time to relax and watch some Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.